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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 74: Are you ready for the transfer update????

Dearest family,

Happy Father's Day! I love you Dad so much! We ate a bunch of ice cream in your honor and ate with the most hilarious old couple! Anyway how is everybody doing? 

So this week has seriously been all over the board for adventures and emotions etc. so we'll see how this email goes!

So a couple weeks ago Sister Morrill was really down and so we called President and when he got into Vancouver he met and interviewed Sister Morrill. As part of that he told her that he could see something really good coming our way. And when it did to call him. Well we made that call this week! On Monday night we were trying to find an address of a sister in the ward that we haven't met. Well we got lost in this apartment complex and didn't find the address till Sunday:) but we ended up knocking on this ladies door whose name is Kim. Kim is friends with a family in the ward though she hasn't seen them since she moved out of that neighborhood. Well anyway we started talking to her and she is sincerely interested. When we told her a little about Joseph Smiths first vision she believed it. We went back and met with her on Wednesday. We had felt prompted to take it really slow and just make sure she understood it all. Not only did we talk about everything we wanted to but she understood it and we came to understand what she doesn't know, how she's felt the spirit&Gods love in the past, and how she feels about all the different commitments we like to leave. It was seriously amazing. The Lord really is preparing people and softening their hearts. We are so excited to see this progress. 

So this week was zone conference. And I got to do a training in the breakout sessions with Sister Rasmussen on staying healthy! So we got to go all three days for the break out sessions and lunch. (Which can I say it's kind of overwhelming to have to present 9 times and rely on the spirit and change according to promptings. But it was a way good experience!) So we got to see the whole mission go through and eat a lot of pulled pork! The last day was seriously the best because it was our zone conference so we actually got to stay. Oh. So this zone conference was in honor of installing TIWIs. They are those little devices that track speed, seat belts, and reckless driving. We were all pretty nervous about it but they aren't bad at all. We like to call ours 'granny T'. Even though it speaks to us in a man voice! Anyway... Zone conference was really amazing. There's nothing like gathering in a large group of missionaries and all learning together. The spirit is undeniably strong. Though it doesn't come naturally but with preparation just like any other spiritual thing. Last zone conference so I had to give my departing testimony which just like many other missionaries, I never thought that day would come. I am so grateful for this chance to be a missionary and to come to this mission.

We had an awesome ward service project this week. We went to a cemetery and helped clean it up a little bit. Care taking for a cemetery would be a very unique and interesting job. I know the caretaker of that cemetery researches and does family history on all the people in his cemetery. It's just really interesting to see names and dates and imagine stories for what happened in between. So fascinating! Family history is awesome!

So now for the news you've all been awaiting patiently! We're getting transferred! But together! So here's the dealio. Right now the zone leaders are serving in Felida and Skyview. Well at transfers the zone leaders are moving to Ridgefield and will also be covering Salmon Creek (where we are right now) we will be taking Felida and other Elders will be moving in to take Skyview. So a big switching around! It sounds like they have a bunch of people to teach and an awesome ward. Also it's President and Sister Taylors ward! So excited! It just feels right too. So I am super excited for his upcoming transfer!

Well the other exciting thing is since we are close to the mission office we get to take out the new missionaries! And there will be 12-14 sisters coming so we will all get 2. It's going to be an exciting day tomorrow with those exhausted sisters! But hey you never forget your first day! I'll always remember Sister Buckley and all the people we tried in YSA. 

Things are going great. I'm definitely loving being a missionary. I think that whatever your doubts are about serving a mission. Whatever doubts you have coming out if you serve with all you've got they will be resolved. I definitely struggled with knowing that this mission at this time was where I'm suppose to be. But now I know. This really is where I'm suppose to be at this exact moment. 

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful and safe week! You're always in my prayers. 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Raspberry season is finally back!

We got TIWIs! We're the safest drivers in town!

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