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1 Samuel 12:16

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Week: 77: I'm a Palangi:)

Dearest Family,

Apparently Palangi is Samoan for white person:) something like that.
It came from Sister Tauala:)

So we started off the week with a pretty good miracle hopefully I can
explain it well. So we have a calendar where the first week of the
transfer we pray and decide exchanges for the transfer with all the
sisters. Well when we did that no exchanges felt right for this
upcoming week so we just left it blank. That put three exchanges into
other weeks! But we followed the spirit. Well on Monday some other
Sister Training Leaders in Gresham called us and asked if we could
help take some sisters because they have a lot and are really
overwhelmed. So we took 5. And the exchanges they'd planned with those
sisters fell into the week we had left open! That was a huge witness
to me that the Lord had this in mind all along. If it hadn't happened
that way I probably would have had a harder time accepting and knowing
if we should have accepted more sisters. But it's a complete miracle
and I know it is how it is suppose to be.

So this week we went on exchanges with Van 1st and I stayed in Felida
with Sister Tauala! She is the coolest! We just had a party that's for
sure! We had some awesome miracles. Sister Tauala is from Hawaii and
just knows how to talk to people. We even found a new person to teach
when we were out and about!

We also had exchanges with the Hermanas! I stayed in Felida with
Hermana Butler and we also had a good exchange!

We were suppose to go on exchanges with Vancouver ASL but when we were
praying for who should go where nothing was coming to mind and nothing
was feeling right so we just called it off till the end of the month.
I love being a sister training leader and being able to have so many
experiences seeking revelation and experiencing receiving it. This
calling is such a blessing. I am learning so much!

We went out with a lot of people this week who came to lessons and
came out tracting with us too that was super fun. We really have he
best ward! They are just so willing to help! They are always willing
to come out with us and to help us. It is really amazing. And they are
always giving us referrals. Even if they don't go anywhere it is still
super amazing!

We've had some good meetings this week. We had Zone Meeting. I love
the zone leaders we have currently because they aren't afraid to set
high goals and then they focus on teaching the doctrine, which we all
know that the study of doctrine changes behavior faster than the study
of behavior changes behavior. So if you really want to inspire someone
you teach them the doctrine. And they do a way good job with that!

I had a dream on Saturday night that we were late to church and missed
the sacrament and we were literally panicking! We need the spirit and
the way to have the spirit is by renewing your covenants through the
sacrament and we had missed it. Well when I woke up I was anxious and
on the look out for road blocks to church and the sacrament. Needless
to say I was so relieved when I was able to partake of the sacrament.
That's definitely something I have really learned as a missionary.
That the sacrament is so important!

It's crazy I really feel like the adversary is out to get everyone
even the saints. We have to be constantly doing spiritual CPR (church,
pray, read) in order to stay strong.

Well we have a really good week ahead! Including several trips to
Portland to have exchanges with those sisters! So I am excited! I hope
you all have a wonderful week! I love you all very much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Me and Sister Tauala:)

We had some Asian food! Here's some fruit called Lyche yum!

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