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2223 Northwest 99th St which the Lord will do
Vancouver WA 98665 before your eyes."
1 Samuel 12:16

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 80: The Final Hurrah!

Dearest Family,

Well my time is really short! It's kind of crazy! I honestly never
thought this day would come.

Well let me tell you some of my thoughts. I am so grateful for this
chance that I've had to be a missionary. I have learned more than I
could ever put into words.

I use to think it really mattered where you served. When that didn't
seem so important anymore I use to think it was for the people you
served that you got called somewhere. Then when that didn't really
seem to matter super much I have begun to think and realize that yes
all those things are important but the most influential people in who
you become is your mission president and wife and your companions.
President and Sister Taylor and all of my companions have changed my
life and shaped who I am today. The other missionaries and people I
have met and the place of Washington have also been impactful. I
honestly think that we knew and organized ourselves into missions
before the world began and that this was always where I was suppose to

I am so grateful for this time with Sister Morrill and to be a Sister
Training Leader. This last transfer has been especially impactful. I
am going home a different person and missionary because of these last
two transfers and all that they entail.

I have been so blessed.

I was reading a blessing I received a while before my mission and and
it promised me that on my mission my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, the temple, and the Restoration would grow. Well I have
definitely seen that happen! Particularly in those areas. I am
especially amazed for the way my testimony of the temple has grown. I
have been greatly blessed to be able to attend the temple frequently
as a missionary and have seen the unique fulfillment of that blessing.
I am so grateful for the opportunities and blessings that I have
received as a missionary.

I just want to thank you all for your support as I have been away. I
am so blessed to have such a supportive group of friends and family!
You have offered perfect support that has been such a bless into me.

I am way nervous but excited to come home.

I know the things I have been teaching for the last year and a half
are true. God does live and He loves us. He sent His son. Joseph Smith
is truly Gods prophet and the church and priesthood have been restored
in its fulness. The Book of Mormon is a witness of Christ and the
Restoration. And he Lord has called us to share His gospel with the
world! I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity I have had and
the countless little blessings that have added up to a miracle.

I love you all! See you tomorrow!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard


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